Do Too Many Bad Vibes Seem To Be Coming Into Your Life?

Jul 2, 2020 | Creativity

too many bad vibes

What do you do when you’re feeling energetically attacked, drained or otherwise pulled down by too many bad vibes?

A question was asked on Instagram recently about this, and, given it was about the tenth time I was asked about this in a short span of time, it was time for this post!

The answer isn’t clear cut because there are so many reasons this energy might be entering your home and your life, but the underlying theme is the same:

You don’t need to fear or “protect” your energy from bad vibes vigilantly, because that can breed more fear.

Strengthen your energy instead, so those vibes can’t get near your glowing self!

Super-strong energy is the ultimate in “shields” from all things unwanted.

If you’ve got too many bad vibes coming into your life: 

You can strengthen your home energy. 

Strong home energy can be felt before you even enter your house. The door draws you toward it. It feels exciting.

Sweep the walkway to the door. Add plants outside if you can. Make your entranceway sparkle.

You can strengthen your mind.

I give myself a total of about five minutes to read general news in a day, if that. While I’ll stay up to date on important events, I won’t read lengthy opinions or sink into long and unproductive conversations that solve nothing of the issues we face globally.

This was one way to strengthen my mind– staying focused on what I’d like to build and grow every day, not leaving an opening for stagnation and worry to settle in.

I find that meditation, breathing exercises and long walks are all potent mind-strengtheners, too, making space for tons of magic to flow freely.

You can strengthen your high vibe habits.

I recently wrote about the practice of committing and recommitting daily to your goals and dreams, every single day.

This is a habit that can keep all sorts of unwanted energy far, far away as you’ll have no desire to focus in on it!

You can also just look at any habit that sets off a chain reaction that’s negative– maybe having a ton of sugar or caffeine in the morning or afternoon (or any time), having a negative conversation, procrastinating– and decide to be free of it!

Changing even one habit that sucks the life out of your days can be incredibly magical.

You can make your energy stronger in so many ways.

Love is the way.

Do more of what you love, with people that you love in spaces that you love.

And, you can also, as unpopular as this might sound, have compassion for any toxic people or toxic energies that are unwanted.

Yes, you can be furiously angry. It’s amazing.

But once the anger passes, see if you can lean into compassion.

In that place, you can’t get sucked back into the toxic vortex of anger, being drained and the rest of it.

It frees you. And, it keeps the “too many bad vibes” far away from you! 

All of the above makes your whole life stronger.

So, when toxic stuff comes around, you’ll be less “rocked” by it. You can shake it off or may barely flinch. And, you certainly won’t focus on it. After all, you have way too many amazing things to do with this amazing day!



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