A Simple Herbal Love Potion To Light Up Your Life!

Oct 19, 2020 | Creativity, Sensory Goodness

(you can find the recipe for an even more elaborate love potion HERE)

An herbal love potion can bring bliss to every day.

The herbal love potions (or super-natural ones that have other energy-shifting qualities) that I love the most are ones that help me to feel more calm, grounded and open hearted.  From that place, it’s so easy to experience more love every single day.   

Love is super high-frequency manifesting energy. It will bring you more joy, more magnetism and more abundance in all ways.

Many herbs have been used throughout history to amplify the love energy in life and dill is one of the more potent of love-magnetic herbs!

This isn’t a “love spell”– meaning, this isn’t meant to do something to draw a certain person to you.  I don’t work with anything that operates in this way.  Love is open, it’s free and it’s everywhere and I believe we all get to choose the love in our life.  And, in my personal view, there’s not just one “soulmate” that exists.  

If you feel stuck on a past relationship in some way and you want to free yourself to more love in the present and the future, this simple cord-cutting exercise can help.  As can all the love potions, open-hearted actions, gratitude and self-care that you practice. 

I hope you enjoy this simple herbal love potion immensely!

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