8 Unusual Signs You’re Ready To Make A Huge Breakthrough!

Feb 21, 2021 | Prosperity


There are so many amazing signs that you’re ready to make a breakthrough!

While wild joy and an unbridled passion are always great signs that you’re on the verge of making something big happen— or ready to take the creative risks to further that mission– there are so many other interesting energetic signs that may not read as “a breakthrough is coming” that are also really amazing.

I think we can all be too quick to draw conclusions when things don’t look like they usually look or obstacles pop up— but these, too, can be signs that you’re ready to really have a breakthrough moment!

Whether you’re looking for more love, wellness, abundance, intuition, creativity or anything else, there’s always a new level of energy to reach to welcome that stuff in.

Today let’s look at some ways it might look and how to capitalize on the moment to make a breakthrough now!

ready for a breakthrough

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You certainly don’t have to feel any of these things to be ready to make a breakthrough, but I’ve found more reliably than not that these are great signs of growth and a next-level emerging… and you can cultivate all these qualities in such easy ways!

You’re no longer triggered or emotionally spun out by obstacles or momentary “less than ideal” circumstances that would once make you feel frantic.

If you have a tendency to get unnerved by things going in a weird way and you find yourself feeling decidedly less emotional about these moments where things go sideways— this is huge!

Essentially, if what you’re responsible for already is an emotional burden, it becomes hard to imagine how you could (or would want to) take on more responsibility or more creative projects or more endeavors in any way.

If you respond to things that are less-than-ideal without being triggered… chances are excellent that you’re ready for more things!

Two ways to cultivate more of this cool composure—

Remind yourself not to take things so seriously unless they are literally life or death matters.

And also, meditate more. A clear mind has an easier time navigating the twists and turns of daily life.

You’re more calm than usual, even if you’re more busy or challenged than usual.

Here, I’m talking about all the time calm. Like, you’ve become way more steady and grounded than you’ve ever been. It’s not that you lack passion or enthusiasm, not at all, but there’s a steadiness and orderly sense of pace that makes even the biggest tasks come together with grace.

If you’re looking for more of this centered and metered pace that builds great positive momentum— practice getting grounded. THESE exercises can help.

You might feel compelled to spend a night organizing your closets, decluttering your pantries or even deep cleaning— just for the fun of it or the pull you feel toward it that’s indescribable.

This is one great sign that on some level you are actively looking for more FLOW, more POWER and more ROOM TO GROW!

If you have clutter to clear– slow and steady wins the race! Pace yourself and chip away at your clutter every day, feeling the energy open up around you.

Nature feels more— alive. Even blades of grass might intrigue you.

This is a beautiful state of mindfulness and connection to Nature that you can savor. I LOVE when I feel this way as it reminds me not only of the majesty of Nature but the incredibly rich rewards that come from showing up fully for the day.

Simply spending more time outside when you can, or with houseplants inside, can be epic to build this radiant presence!

You’re doing more research and study in depth than you ever have before.

When I am not talking about or thinking about but actually STUDYING and RESEARCHING and DIVING DEEP into learning things, I know I’m on the verge of a breakthrough.

Let yourself master your passions and learn with abandon. Then, put that knowledge into action. HERE is more on both learning + actually using what you’ve learned in creative ways!

You can do things for yourself alone– from cooking an epic dinner to creating a fabulous spa experience– that are rich, rewarding and done as a priority!

When you know you’re worth it— the sky is the limit as to what you can create and manifest. Bust out the special silverware and fancy glasses for dinner because you are a special occasion! Make time to workout, beautify, rest and rejuvenate. Pleasure is a really important part of life!

You see the other side of more contentious situations than ever before and consider both sides or many more perspectives.

If you find yourself being more open to hearing other points of view, seeing the other side of an argument, really understanding where other people are coming from– this is huge.

This is a breakthough-making place to be, because you’ll be flexible enough to be effective in creating and administrating your life.

If you find yourself in very polarized conversations and situations, truly listen more and speak less, ask and understand why, and be willing to not disagree but at least have a larger view of a situation.

You’re far less judgmental and lose interest (or lose a lot of interest) in perfectionism.

When you cease wanting to get everything right, everything becomes infinitely expanded, thrilling and far more possible!

If you find yourself judging a lot, chances are you judge yourself even more harshly.

Breaking this habit is utterly revolutionary!

While there are many ways to declutter the judgements from your life, my very favorite is to simply stop myself in the middle of saying a disparaging thing about myself or anything else and 100% change the topic.

The less you do this kind of judging, the less you’ll be apt to do it.

The better you feel, the more you’ll create.

The more things flow, the easier they’ll be.

And, things will keep getting better, better and better!



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