Have You Been Getting Ready For Success?

Apr 22, 2021 | Creativity

(canvas wall organizer is HERE)

Getting ready for success is such a key to actually experiencing more of that success!

Do you feel like you have the ground solidly under your feet and you’re ready for anything?!

What I mean by that is– if a major opportunity came your way today, would you be set to take the ball and run with it?

Or, if you met the partner of your dreams, are you really ready for that relationship that you wanted?

While things sometimes arrive before we’re “ready” and I welcome those moments with open arms, the act of getting ready– physically, mentally, energetically, and in all ways– can be the thing that speeds all that manifestation to you!

Let’s talk about getting set up for success on an energetic level today– your home, your energy, your mindset, your habits that are all part of your energy– to possibly spark more alignment and magnetic creative power in your life right now!

Here are a few ways you can get energetically ready for success that I’ve seen work time and time again. You don’t have to do them all, but it’s worth looking to see what might stand out most for you at the moment.

Let’s start with your own energy systems, and focus in on the chakras. This word can seem very metaphysical, but on a basic level, the chakras represent one way that we communicate with our environment and, ultimately, this plays a big part in how “aligned” we feel in life and how much ease we have in making things happen that we want.

This video can walk you through a quick tour of the chakras. Lots more is coming on this soon, as it’s a pretty effective way to look at energy flowing in your life and how to make a shift to feel more effective and dynamic every day:

Now, let’s look at other key dynamics of your energy and where it’s going.

First– what are your daily habits like? Do they support you?

Where you invest your time is similar to where you invest your money but in my mind, far more important — it’s an incredibly invaluable resource.

If you have time-draining things in your days, cut them out and you’ve already set yourself up for way more success.

If you don’t have a schedule of any sort, creating even a basic schedule can be revolutionary, too!

Now– What is your organization like?

If it feels like things are scattered, confused, unclear or just a mess— now is a great time to take a non-judgmental look at all of it.

It was not fun to tell a big banker at one point in my distant past that I had little bank accounts all over the place and had no idea how to access some of them. I felt so irresponsible and unprepared. It brought to light how little I was organizing my money as though it mattered.

When you organize anything– from your spice rack to your most important documents– you invest them with more gravitas and importance.

They matter. And, consequently, they feel far more powerful even when you think about them.

Organization can be total life magic for your overall energy.

Now– What is your home energy like?

If things around you look good but don’t feel good, you may have some shifts to make.

It might be time for a little re-designing, curating the art on the walls or doing a deep space clearing routine.

Align. Organize. Focus. Energize. And, thrive in even bigger ways.

Take your time and feel fantastic every step of the way, since joy is such a key to making next-level breakthroughs!



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