Second Chakra Feng Shui For Creative Power!

Apr 27, 2021 | Creativity

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We’re continuing the Chakra Feng Shui Series with some simple Second Chakra Feng Shui Tips to feel more creatively powerful  to prosper much more in life.

The second chakra is associated with your creative power, your magnetism, your money and your flow in life. It’s associated with sensuality, joy and living with more pleasure. 

This is one of the most fun of all chakras to “awaken” in your life, and it’s also incredibly revitalizing when you’re ready to manifest much more! 

When your second chakra is out of balance, you might feel stuck, you might feel like you “can’t quite manifest” or you might feel a lack of flow.  When you try some Second Chakra Feng Shui, you can open up this flow in really exciting ways. 

It’s time for Second Chakra Feng Shui to feel more joyful, excited, imaginative, curious, passionate and prosperous. 

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