5 Feng Shui Tips To Manifest More Of You Want!

Jun 27, 2021 | Creativity

Feng Shui To Manifest More

Feng Shui tips to manifest more are at the heart of this blog.

I’m a big believer that everything is possible. I have always felt that to be a true statement.

That said, in the past 10 years or so, I’ve started bringing more and more of that infinite possibility into the way I live my life.

It stopped being just a concept and started being part of my reality.

If you’re looking to open up your life to new possibilities and welcome in new abundance, it’s important to really believe that you can do and receive new things.

It’s that classic quote: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

And, one of the best ways to build your belief in greater possibilities is to start creating and experiencing more of them right now!

Do you believe that everything is possible?

There’s a lot of self-honesty involved when answering this question because so many people intellectually and truly do believe in the concept of Infinite Possibilities but they don’t believe in Infinite Possibilities where it applies to themselves.

That’s a big distinction.

It’s one thing to believe that something is possible and a whole other thing to believe that it’s possible for you!

Today, as The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Training gets ready to open for a new season ahead, I’m reminded of this core principle of Feng Shui in this unique way:

Infinite Possibility. Not just as an idea in your mind or outside of you, but as a part of how you live every day.

And, as I mentioned above, one of the best ways to know something is possible is to experience it! So, let’s get into opening doors to lots of new energy, new love and new abundance with simple Feng Shui shifts!

–Start by decluttering something at home that is really stagnant.

If you’ve got major paper clutter, a stuffed computer desk top that’t impossible to look at, a closet you can’t navigate and hate to open or anything else that makes you feel like you simply “can’t” do certain things, it’s time to prove that you CAN by clearing it.

If you’ve got projects that are not moving– like one thing that’s been sitting on my to-do list that requires setting up equipment that is sitting in a drawer– the time is now to move through it. My evening will be a deep dive into setting up this stuff and creating even more freedom in my life in the process! The beauty of this is that once I’m set up, I can use this stuff in amazing ways that I can’t do while it’s all in a drawer.

All of this clearing creates room for new things to arrive in your life in brilliant and often magical ways!

–Play a Manifesting Game and decide to see a certain car, a certain color car or a something else that you want to see– and watch what happens.

Decide right now that you’re going to see a certain color car today and it may be mystical to notice how many you see. I’ve done this with wild colors like lime green or pink and still saw the cars!

This exercise seems to “pull” what you’re looking for out of the ethers of the Universe and place that stuff right in front of you!

You can apply this to opportunities, to a certain dress or certain piece of art you want to find… to more money, love… just about anything.

You’ll be tuning into what you want and more of it will avail itself!

The more you shift the energy in your life, paying attention to what you want to see, the more you’ll manifest.

–Start growing seeds of food and cultivate them until they are ready to eat fruits and vegetables.

To see the creative cycle in action and participate in the process of growth, take the time to grow some seeds. If you don’t have a spot to grow a plant, make sprouts or micro-greens that you can eat.

This period of cultivation and the magical nature of growing things from start to finish when the tomato, the zucchini, the mint or the melon get harvested is a way to connect to the process of “manifestation” so much more personally.

–Make your bedroom more amazing so that you feel more instantly and deeply rejuvenated.

Here is some easy bedroom Feng Shui to get you tuned to more sanctuary vibes at home:

Write a list of what you want and put it under your pillow. See the signs of it starting to simmer in your days.

The number of people I know who found their life partner by describing them on paper in detail and sleeping with the list under their pillow is absolutely astonishing!

This can be a way to literally “plant” the seeds of your infinitely ideal desires into your dream state as well as your waking consciousness (I see my list every time I make my bed in the morning!) and you will bring so much more emphasis to all of your creative and magnetic power!

The ways that you can welcome new and amazing things into your home and life is endless, and I hope that this jumping-off point gets you excited to dive in, set your sights high and make amazing things happen!!!



P.S.: If you have a passion for Feng Shui and life-changing Design, details to become a Feng Shui Pro in The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification are HERE.



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