Mercury Retrograde Benefits Feng Shui To Start 2022!

Jan 20, 2022 | Uncategorized

mercury retrograde benefits

(christine kim)

It’s not often that you hear someone excited to experience the benefits of Mercury Retrograde because this astrological event is usually thought to have no benefits.

This simply isn’t the case!

I’ve already shared so many of my favorite habits that I embrace when the planet Mercury slows down in the sky.

Today, we dive deep into a few Mercury Retrograde benefits that really set the stage to make big life breakthroughs in 2022.

This is great Feng Shui for any time you’re looking for a refresh or a reset in your energy, and it excellent to do starting right now!

I hope you enjoy it all!

P.S.: This season, there’s an eight-week online Feng Shui Camp coming soon to organize and energize your home and life to create breakthroughs: The Breakthrough Camp! 

It’s Feng Shui to align your energy (your chakras) and your home so that you can manifest more of what you want on a higher level with greater ease!

If you’re ready for breakthroughs, they’re ready for you!

You can start the FREE Breakthrough Camp Videos HERE to set up your home to make breakthroughs as soon as they begin!




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