Are You Living In Alignment With What You Want?

Mar 19, 2022 | Creativity

living in alignment

“Living in alignment with what you want” is a phrase that gets talked around a lot these days, but I was never fully clear, on a visceral, feeling level, of what that truly means for so many years.

I once tried to figure out “alignment” in my head– working out all the things I could fix about myself, my mindset and my home that would help me to “line up” (or be “aligned”) with my dreams.

Many manifesting teachers explain that “once you are in alignment with what you want, it will arrive.”

But, that is not an easy thing to achieve though “thinking hard” about it.  It’s not something you can force.  It’s not something you can finagle.

When you are aligned: there’s less drama in your life, things flow more freely, you likely feel more present, motivated and energized. Chances are you feel more confident, creative and very much focused on what you want.  And, in this state of aligning your energy, you can manifest much more.

The one facet of “alignment” that’s truly next level and rarely talked about?

Becoming more “aligned” in life can be as easy as allowing yourself to “be yourself “much more.

–Are you being yourself enough in your life? 

–Are you living with synergy with what you want? 

–Are you immersed in the energy you want to feel? 

living in alignment

I have realized that slowly but surely the idea of alignment has become second nature and all-encompassing. To give you an example:

Yesterday, I woke up and washed my hair with a fabulous curly hair potion sent to me via a School of Intention student who has a full-time career in beauty. I burned some sage sent to me from the sacred land of another student, tried to discern what color I wanted to paint my dining room (*crystal paint is being used!!!) and admired the oil painting I bought from another student, pulled three books from my shelves recommended by another student and… as I prepared for the Feng Shui School Orientation Session that live-streamed today, I realized that every area of my life is completely intertwined with not just my work but with a larger community family.

It’s wild to see how it has unfolded.

To become more aligned, you can do lots of different things, but the simplest ones that seem to work the best involve less thinking and less hard effort.

–Be yourself much more. 

Literally, be yourself more. Speak up more, follow your feelings more. I used to think this would be so easy, but it was amazing for me to see how many ways I was keeping my mouth shut, holding myself back and ignoring how I feel.

–Live with more synergy– gathering up the people who make you feel great.

Something as simple as keeping yourself connected to the people who lift you up is incredibly powerful. See friends for coffee. Spend time with family you love. Work with people you love.

–Immerse yourself in a home– and a lifestyle– that feel exciting to you.

There’s a beautiful thing that happens when things are simple and set up beautifully– everything flows!

Feng Shui is immensely powerful to set up your home and life very simply and full of connection and intention. And, Feng Shui begins when you start considering the very basic idea of setting up your home as more of a home.

How can you feel more at home in your home? How can you bring more energy you love into your home? How can you make things more organized in your home? 

Start there, and you’ll feel the personal alignment and manifesting power in your home and your life!



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