What Do You Do When You’re Completely Out Of Ideas?

Jul 10, 2022 | Creativity

generate new ideas

You’ve said and done everything you could possibly do or say, and now you need to somehow generate new ideas.

How do you do this? How can you just do something… new?

This is one of the most exciting places to be in, in my humble opinion, because when you’re called to generate new ideas, you’re really being called to learn and grow.

Let the learning begin!

First off, I don’t consider forcing things to be a creative strategy so I’m not going to recommend staring at a blank page and making yourself write things down that don’t inspire you.

Also, I don’s suggest the often-recommended strategy of looking at the social media or websites of people in your industry to “get inspired” from their ideas. It’s not a powerful move because it’s not done in a spirit of service to others, and when you do this you short-change yourself because your genius never shines as brightly as it could. If you happen to have ideas that align at times, that’s fine. But, as a general practice, it’s incredibly powerful to be your own idea-generator.

I want everyone to massively succeed working with their passions and I want everyone to bring their gifts and talents to the world. When your ideas reflect you, suddenly there’s no competition and only creativity and synergy in the world! This entire Feng Shui Method is about creative awakening, and the Professional Certification– The School of Intention– focuses on empowering you to bring your genius– and all of your wisdom and talents–  to all of your work. (The School is opening for Registration for the season ahead, and if you’re ready to become a Feng Shui Professional, all of the details are here for you.)

generate new ideas

My full-time fascination is innovation.

A spirit of innovation– when you generate new ideas, test these ideas and then refine them further to improve your results– is the stuff that makes for a life of creative power.

I may do a whole you tube series on this because it’s such a big concept as the world rapidly changes and there’s a larger call to personal creative empowerment, but we can start today with ideas for idea generation.

Start with your bookshelves– or your electronic book selection. 

I like to flip to a section of a book and read that chapter, allowing myself to get lost in the topic, noticing how any metaphors or concepts apply to my present situation. Sometimes this can lead you to read or re-read books on topics that you’ve always wanted to explore in more depth buy haven’t had the time to explore.

Head out into Nature and become an observer of life. 

Nature is so infinitely simple and complex, so resilient and harmonious, so full of richness. Some of the ideas that have become a fundamental part of my work and life come from time spent in Nature.

Clean your house. It can help you to see the details of life experiences you may have missed or lessons that you skipped over.

Cleaning your house can clear your mind, opening you up to new energy and new focus. Housecleaning also points out things about your own behavior– like the laundry you’re avoiding, the donations you have yet to drop off, the projects that are unfinished and the memories that you cherish. Are there messages in what you see that lead you in new directions?

Dive into your healthiest relationships.

Relationships are a huge part of growth and your friends and family may have the best ideas to share. Also, talk to people who you don’t get to hear from often This energy of love and synergy is creatively insurgent.

generate new ideas

Notice what you are searching for on the Internet. 

If you are googling it, it’s likely something that people who are like-minded are also googling. It’s true, it may be “unrelated” to your work, but if you dig into your google searches you’ll find a through-line to your work.

Notice what you need. Personally. What do you need? 

I need a ton of self-care and a new level of empowerment with everything going on in the world. That’s the theme of my work for the next few months. What are you craving? Love? Romance? A new health regime? More peace? More money? These are the ideas you’ll be the most personally compelled by, and your work will be of service to you and to others at the same time.

Pay attention to what you are paying attention to.

What do you notice lately? Where and how do you like spending your time?

I love being on Tiktok so I started creating Tiktoks for fun. It’s incredibly inspiring and it’s taught me so much that has directly impacted my work and how I communicate in the most effective ways.

What do you like watching? What topics of conversation catch your eye?

Start new classes that excite you deeply. 

Rather than learning things to “get ideas’ but, learn to apply ideas and gain wisdom. That wisdom will bring you infinite knowledge that you can pass on endlessly.

Follow the signs you are being given.

Sometimes things are impossible to ignore. When five people in a week tell you that they’d be so thrilled if you started a podcast– that’s a big sign. If you have a lot of questions at work about a specific way you manage your schedule– that’s a sign. If you’ve got a lot of people wanting to know where to buy your shirts that you make and wear for yourself– that’s a sign. The entire Feng Shui School started when I asked the universe on a drive to San Diego, “What is it time to create next?” and someone approached me for the second time that day to teach her this method of Feng Shui.

What signs are you seeing? You can even ask the Universe for signs if you need more of them! 

Hopefully some of these ideas can help you to generate new ideas, juicy topics, actions and creative projects that massively inspire you!

Here’s to your innovative breakthroughs!





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