The Biggest Feng Shui Secret To Success!

Aug 1, 2022 | Feng Shui 101

secret to success

The biggest secret to success– whether in Feng Shui or in any aspect of life– starts with you.

It’s not about changing yourself into a new person, becoming like other people, trying to have another person’s style or anything to do with being suboptimal and then setting on a path to “fix” yourself.

In fact, the greatest secret to success starts with acknowledging all that you are.  Your greatness. Your power. Your wisdom. Your unique perspective. Your energy. Your desires. Your passions. Your personal lessons.  Your talents and gifts.

We can all grow, improve our skills, hone our abilities and transform our lives— but the goal is never to become “a whole new person.” It’s to bring out all of the inherent and infinite potential that we have.  This is a vast distinction here.

When you start from a place of being “less” or somehow “broken” or “bad” it’s enormously hard to own your power and move from a place of clarity and connection to life.

When you start from a place of being whole and great, you can improve all of life– including your home which is an extension of you– by leaps and bounds!

This should not be a secret to success in my mind, because it’s so simple and so straightforward, but give the vast amount of time my clients spend coming back to a place of loving themselves and trusting in their power, it clearly is worth talking about.

This entire Feng Shui Method is unique and one of the most unique aspects of the practice is that it starts with you!

There’s so much more to explore, but these are a simple yet effective place to begin.

If you’re interested in becoming a Feng Shui Professional or learning this work to expand your own home and life power, you can get all the details to join in The School of Intention Professional Feng Shui Certification Program HERE!




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