8 Ways To Build Momentum And Supercharge Your Creative Process!

Aug 20, 2022 | Creativity

build momentum

If you’re hoping to build momentum and feel that thrilling feeling where a goal, a project or your everyday work takes on it’s own energy and life-force without lots of effort, it’s great to know that you can actively build momentum.

You don’t have to wait for a lucky day, the stars aligning or any sort of perfect circumstances to enter this magic zone where the greatness in life grows exponentially and the speed of your creative process hits new accelerated heights.

Whether its a new workout plan, a new creative project or your work every day that you want to breathe new energy into, you can get started right now!

build momentum

1.Make sure you have lots of energy to begin. This is one of the main aspects that get’s skipped over in the process.  So many of us have been trained to ignore how we feel, power through things, drink an extra cup of coffee or three and accept a non-stop pace every day.  If you really want to build momentum, you need to feel awake and present. You can’t fake this. If you need to sleep more, take some time off or both– please do as much as you can.

2.Get focused. Notice where you’re getting distracted or pulled off your path. It might be time to delete social media from your phone. It could be the season to develop stronger personal boundaries with colleagues so you don’t get interrupted while you’re hitting your stride.

3. Upgrades to your projects may be in order, especially if you’re having a hard time staying focused. If you’re reluctant to delete the distractions, you may be avoiding your work because it’s missing something– or a lot of things!  You might be called to re-think ideas, rewrite and edit, reorganize the structure of your project or literally start something fresh. Just like your can’t “fake” your personal vitality, you can’t really “fake” your enthusiasm either.  Rework, upgrade and update until you feel re-energized and truly excited about what you’re doing.

4. Work with water. In her book “Write it Down and Make it Happen, ” Henriette Ann Klauser suggests going to a lake, an ocean, or near another body of water when you’re writing or doing creative work.  Even if you can’t work at the beach, you can certainly imbibe lots of inspiration from trips like these.

5. Energetic Space Clearing makes a huge difference in the quality of energy around you that impacts you all day long.  The energy around you is part of the Invisible Architecture that’s influencing you, moment-by-moment.  This entire playlist of full of ideas to clear energy. 

6. Dare daily. As you build more flow and excitement and personal identification with your work, it becomes easier to entertain the wilder ideas every day. Dare to say yes to these wild ideas, new experiments, intuitive hits and hunches. If you’re not trying something new just about every day– whether it’s a new word you just learned, a new way to phrase something, a new way to communicate– there’s a whole lot of creative power that’s sitting, untapped, in your life.

7. Write down what went great in the day. Make this the core focus. I know that everyone likes to do a deep dive into “what went wrong, ” and there is certainly value in learning from errors and misdirections, it’s a vital practice to document what went right every day. What wild ideas were well received? What worked out in a great way? What happened that delighted you?  Leaning into successful actions will help you to build them into your regular rhythms, and this will help you to build momentum in life.

8. Immerse yourself in your visions of what you’re looking to achieve. You might create a Vision Board and meditate on it as part of your daily routines.  Surround yourself with people (as much as possible) who share in your ambitions or align with your core values.  Create an environment around you that is full of the most thrilling and magnetic emotions.  That’s what this entire Feng Shui practice is focused on and this immersion will speed up true transformation.

I’m wishing you so much vibrant abundance and magnetic power and you build momentum!



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