New Moon In Aries Total Eclipse 2023 Feng Shui!

Apr 15, 2023 | Feng Shui 101

new moon eclipse aries feng shui

The New Moon in Aries Total Solar Eclipse is so incredibly powerful.

Whether you want more love, money, peace, wellness, creativity, adventure, strength, power, confidence — or anything else– the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 19th and 20th is about to supercharge your desires! You can read more about the Eclipse here! 

Everything about this Solar Eclipse is special. This is the second Aries New Moon of 2023, which is uncommon. The eclipse is a hybrid mix of a Total Solar Eclipse and a Ring of Fire Eclipse that looks like a glowing ring of light in the sky for some of you, which is rare. It’s also the most powerful Solar Eclipse in years, aligning itself with the transformational planet Pluto. And, it takes place at the very end of the Zodiac sign of Aries, signifying both “releasing of the old” and “ushering in the new” in potent ways.

Radically new beginnings are here for you!

Harness more empowering and bold energy, and use it to expand your life in spectacular ways: Becoming even more of a leader in your life. Letting your intuition and imagination carry you to fresh ideas and the most perfect paths forward. Bringing more of your limitless potential to life with courage and confidence. Taking creative leaps with joy and excitement. Feeling and knowing that everything is working out in ways that exceed your wildest dreams!

And, as with all Eclipses, the energy is thought to stay with us for the six months ahead. So, the changes you make now will continue to amplify and unfold throughout Spring and Summer. Today’s Feng Shui to make big breakthroughs can help you get ready for this epic Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse!

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