Feng Shui To Decrease Stress And Increase Your Fortune!

Aug 3, 2023 | Prosperity

decrease stress increase your fortune feng shui

Anything you do to decrease stress, in my experience, will turn the tides of fortune in your favor in many ways.

Stress has been scientifically researched and found to be the leading promoter of just about any negative outcome you likely want to avoid.

Most importantly, stress makes every aspect of life harder.  It’s far more difficult to focus, think clearly, channel your brightest creativity, and feel empowered when you’re under pressure or feeling a rush of fight-or-flight hormones bathing your system in anxiety. It’s harder to heal physically and emotionally when you’re under a lot of stress.  Relationships can be strained. Details get overlooked. Opportunities don’t quite manifest as easily.

While this is not the entirety of an anti-stress guide to life, I wanted to share some simple Feng Shui strategies you can weave into your home and lifestyle to keep calm and carry on in the most brilliant ways:

Prioritize your nervous system. 

If you’re in fight or flight, constantly anxious, spaced-out, or generally wound-up, it can be incredibly hard to tap into the essence of your most magnetic and prosperous power at the root of your spine, otherwise known as the root chakra. If you’re depleted from stress, you put yourself into an energetically drained feedback loop of survival mode.  Even if you’re doing well in many areas of life, you might fear imminent pitfalls, fall into worry, and stay in a hyper-vigilant panic state.

As you make “calm and peaceful” your top priority state of being, you realign your life to be far more solid, stable, and secure. Life becomes infinitely easier, and you can take the actions that propel you far beyond survival mode into total thriving!

A few easy practices can help you weave more calm into your day: 

–Explore Polyvagal Theory. THIS ARTICLE from Yoga Teacher can be a great place to begin. A big takeaway is that yawning throughout the day, and doing some deep breathing exercises, can help you cool down your nervous system.

–Take time to meditate. Five minutes a day can be the start of a revolution in your life. Play some calming music, close your eyes, and breathe. Make it easy. Try to pay attention to your breath as much as possible.

–Drink water and herbal tea instead of caffeine or energy drinks. Quitting coffee and caffeinated teas was one of the best decisions I made for my grounded, calm, centered wellbeing. If you’re worried that you’ll have no energy, I’m here to let you know that once you truly quit and rest, you’re likely to have more energy than you can imagine without any highs, lows, or racing spikes of jitters.

Change your sleep schedule. 

(Namaha Wellness)

–Earlier bedtimes = greater revitalization. My acupuncturist Dr. Wing shared this principle with me many years ago. When you go to bed early– 9 or 10 pm being ideal, but the earliest you can is excellent– you maximize the wellness rejuvenating properties of your sleep cycle.

–Set up a greater sleep sanctuary at home. THESE Feng Shui Sleep tips are excellent to set up your space to support your most restorative sleep.

Cut out needless negative influences. 

If you’re surrounded by negative influences, you’ll constantly feel triggered, tense, and guarded. In Feng Shui philosophy, free-flowing energy brings you more abundance.  Tension blocks that free flow of abundance.

To live in a far more open-hearted and magnetic way:  stop “doom scrolling” on social media, aim to surround yourself with only your most supportive friends, family, and colleagues, clear the clutter from your home and office, and create a sanctuary for yourself at home!

Your home is your greatest, most omnipresent influence that affects you all day long. When your home is filled with calming colors, scents, textures, and energies, you’ll feel the shift echo through your lifestyle. To get started on this home-shifting journey for greater abundance, the FREE Money Feng Shui Class is starting soon! 

Focus on what you want. 

When you’re focused on what you actually want, not what you worry about and want to avoid, you’ll tap into the most exciting field of infinite possibilities and opportunities!

To stay focused on what you want :

–You can write a daily list of your desires and goals and keep it beside you throughout the day.

–Take short visualization breaks or afternoon walks around the block where you can do more daydreaming.

–Decide that when worry, fear, or other stress starts brewing, you can confront it head-on, shake it out, and refocus on your awesome prosperous brilliance!

Of course, as you Feng Shui your whole home, office, and life, you’ll stay vibrantly focused on your greatest desires, immersing yourself in your dreams, and speeding them to life.

Right now, as you commit to greater calm every day, you’re creating a foundation for massive breakthroughs. You’ll realign your energy. You’ll make new decisions.  And, you’ll become the luckiest person you know because you’ll be creating more luck every single day!



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